Ribbed fabric

Elastic glossy cotton fabric, reminiscent of knit rubber. Although ribbed one is made of cotton, it often includes lycra, which gives it more elasticity and helps preserve the original shape of the garment. Ribbed fabric is not only natural and soft to the touch but also highly absorbent and breathable. That’s why it is particularly suited to manufacturing of underwear and children’s clothes. Also, it is widely used for finishing of clothing parts, such as cuffs, collars, etc., as well as making adult outerwear.


Jersey belongs to the category of weft-knit fabrics. The material is thin and clings to the body nicely. It may be single-colored, printed or mélange. Jersey is known for its elasticity and tear resistance in case of longitudinal stretch. Note that its face side and back side differ. Face side is smooth and glossy, while back side is rougher and matted. The fabric is very practical and doesn‘r require a special care. Its only fault is curling along the edges, which aggravates cutting and sewing.


This is a knit material, which is similar to jersey but denser, thicker and stronger than the latter. It is more difficult to unravel, doesn‘t curl along the edges and stretches a little less. Both sides of the fabric are very smooth and look identical. Moreover, interlock is highly absorbent. It is used for manufacturing of men‘s and women‘s underwear, men‘s shirts, women‘s suits, dresses, women‘s jackets and gloves.

Lacoste (piqué)

A wear resistant high quality fabric of complex weaving, made of mercerised cotton yarn or mixed cotton and polyester fiber. It comes in many shapes – bleached, single-colored, printed. Lacoste is widely used for manufacturing of tennis shirts and casual wear.

French terry (terrycloth)

Smooth, soft and delicate jersey-knit fabric made of 100% cotton fiber. Its face side is flat, while the back side is covered with loops or fluff. French terry is completely safe for adults and children with sensitive skin (doesn‘t irritate or provoke itching). At the same time, it is incredibly comfy. Terry cloth may come with or without fluff. Fluffy terry is commonly used for manufacturing of thermal wear – jumpers, sweaters and pullovers. It is very suitable for making children‘s clothes. The fabric well preserves its colour and shape, nicely clings to the skin and thus imparts many pleasant sensations to little ones. Terry is used for manufacturing not only of durable and functional but also very stilish garments.


Soft and delicate, nice to touch and very comfortable  fabric, resembling velvet. It is made from single carded yarns and rather heavy. A surface of dense and short fluff is characteristic of velour. Its texture is reminiscent of plush but the fluff is way shorter. The fabric is very strong, elastic and wear resistant; it doesn‘t lose shape and excellently preserves warmth in cold weather.

Due to these qualities velour is used for manufacturing of women‘s and men‘s overcoats. However, the fabric requires accurate care as the fluff of velour tends to rub off. Bleaching and cleaning with harsh detergents is forbidden. Hand washing inside out in lukewarm water (not warmer than 30°С) is recommended.