Joint-stock company “Medvilta” is a wholesale company, selling high quality cotton and mixed fiber yarns and fabrics. In order to satisfy varying customer needs as fully as possible, we offer a wide assortment of goods. The merchandise we sell is intended for the production of outerwear, underwear and socks. We form our assortment with an eye to global fashion trends, local market needs and particular client requests. Our partners are knit and jersey producers, garment manufacturing companies, tailor shops, ateliers, fashion houses making ready-made clothes, as well as other companies selling fabrics.

Goods we sell are made by the leading Central Asian textile companies, nurturing centuries-old traditions of cotton processing and manufacturing. We select our suppliers very carefully, by assessing company reputation, technological equipment and readiness to comply with international quality management standards.

Our company acts under a client satisfaction principle. When collaborating with us , you can be sure that:

  • you acquire QUALITY stock and materials which will help you minimize your production costs and loss;
  • you receive a TIMELY supply of stock and materials, so that your production will not discontinue and you will not need to bring your machinery to a halt and adjust anew;

our managers give you a detailed and qualified ADVICE concerning the acquisition and selection of goods, or any other relevant issues that might emerge.